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Wrap Up By VP

Blue Romantique Towel Wrap

Blue Romantique Towel Wrap

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Soft, absorbant, and chic, the same signature fabrics that make Wrap Up robes a longtime favorite of our staff is now available as a velvety microfiber wrap. No need to settle for whatever sad towels are available at the gym or struggle to preserve a modicum of modesty at the spa! With an elasticized topline and hook-and-loop closure, this towel stays put without any elaborate knotting and tying.

Wrap Up by VP's swooping and looping pastel print is both subtle and stylish. It is one size fits most, making it a perfect gift.

To best care for your garments, we recommend hand washing them with a gentle weighted detergent like Soak and hanging or laying flat to dry.

Made in the U.S.A. 

82% polyester, 18% polyamide

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