Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to contact the boutique?

Feel free to call us at 502-333-0370 during business hours. You can also email us at


How much do fittings cost?

Fittings are always complimentary. We’re confident you’ll love what you’ll try on and want to take it home, but there’s never any obligation to buy.


How often should should I get a fitting?

Even if your weight is steady, you should probably get fit every time you come to buy bras! Hormonal changes, water retention, and even stress can alter the shape of your body, so the best way to make sure you get the perfect bra is to get fit every time.


How long do bras last?

It depends on how many bras you have and how well you take care of them. If you have two bras and wear them on alternating days, they will wear out in three to four months. If you’ve been wearing the one you have on for a couple years, you’re due!


I’ve recently had breast surgery. Can I come for a fitting?

We’re happy to help you find you a comfortable new bra, but we ask that you wait at least twelve weeks after your operation to heal. Ask your doctor for guidance, but a good rule of thumb is to wait until your scars are more white than red before you buy new undergarments.


My boobs are weird and Victoria's Secret bras have never fit right. Can you help me? 

We can sure try! All bodies are beautiful and all bodies are different, but we have sizes ranging from 28A to 54N, and we have bras suited for all shapes. So many people come in saying their bodies are “weird” but almost everyone walks out with something that fits perfectly. Even if you’ve struggled in the past, we’ll work with you to find your new favorite bra.


I’m self-conscious about my body. I guess that’s more of a statement than a question.

We get it. Sharing your insecurities with a stranger while half-dressed can feel like a really vulnerable position. Regardless of what you look like, our promise to you is the same: we treat you with dignity and respect. Stretch marks, cellulite, surgical scars, regrettable tattoos, weird hairs that sprout from even weirder places, visible veins— we’ve seen it all and weren’t phased by it. If you’re uncomfortable at any time, just tell your fitter so she can help to accommodate you.


I wanted to buy a bra from your online shop, but I don’t see any! What’s up with that?

We hear you! We’re hoping to find a way to offer that in the future, but for the time being, we haven’t been able to come up with a way to do online bra fitting that really, truly works. It’s so important that you get something that fits you perfectly, and until we can find a way to do that digitally, we’re just doing in real life fittings at our shop.


I’m really shy, and I don’t know that I’d be comfortable with having other people in the store while I get fit. Can I still come to Underpinnings?

Of course you can! Every Monday is open by appointment only. We laid that day aside for our more bashful clients, as well as our hijabi and frum clients who require a men-free environment for religious reasons but still want to have fantastic lingerie that fits beautifully. Click here to make an appointment.


I want to have a party at Underpinnings! What do I need to know?

We’re excited to have you! We’ll start your soiree at 6 pm, and parties are two hours. The store is yours and our staff is here to help you find your new favorite lingerie. We’ll supply Prosecco and some snacks while you shop. There is a $250 minimum for parties. If this sounds like something you want to do, email us at to book a date.


My friend just got engaged and we want to throw a lingerie shower. Is that something Underpinnings offers?

Yes! The terms are the same as parties, but the guest of honor is welcome to come by in advance to get a fitting and make a wishlist.


I got home and changed my mind about my purchase. What is your return policy?

It’s so important to love your lingerie, and under most circumstances, Underpinnings happily accepts returns. You can bring back unworn items with all tags attached within fourteen days of your purchase for in-store returns, provided you have the original receipt, for store credit only.

Online purchases must be postmarked within fourteen days of receiving the item.

We do not accept returns on any item with a crotch (pajama pants, underwear, teddies, etc.); this is for hygiene reasons. Discounted items are final sale.