What to Expect When You're Expecting a Bra Fitting

When we opened Underpinnings, we definitely thought our patrons would be shy. After all, being half-naked in front of a stranger is a little scary. We were…not correct about that. People start whipping their shirts off the second the dressing room drape snaps shut. What people were shy about was the process. What’s going to happen when you make an appointment for an Underpinnings fitting?

When you come to Louisville to get a bra fitting, it’s going to be a little different than what you’ve experienced in the past. Expect to spend about an hour with us from start to finish. First, we’ll have you undress to your point of comfort. Most people opt to take off both their blouse and their bra. That’s most accurate and easiest, but if you’d rather keep your bra on while we take our initial measurements, we can work with that. Wherever you feel best, we’ll do a quick measurement of your bust and rib cage. This is just as a point of reference— it’s no final judgment!

Your fitter will head back to the Wall of Bras, a.k.a., the backroom where we stock over 200 unique sizes. Based on the measurements the fitter just took, she’ll get two or three “best guess” sizes. She’ll rejoin you in the dressing room, which is when the fun starts.

You’ll face the mirror and the fitter will put the bra around your ribs with the straps at your elbows. Once the band is hooked, she’ll get your cups arranged and show you how to scoop and swoop. That’s what we call getting each breast nestled tidily in each cup. The fitter will adjust the straps, band, and cups, then evaluate the fit. She’s looking for a few things: does the gore lay flat on your sternum? Is the band too loose? Is there spillover or gaping at the cup? If it’s perfect on the first try, yahtzee! It almost never is, so don’t despair. Your fitter will try a few other sizes until she finds just the right thing.

Once she has the right size, she’ll assess your shape. Are your breasts planted narrowly or widely? Is your breast tissue firm or soft? What shape are your breasts? Are they of significantly different sizes? Armed with both the quantitative and qualitative data about your breasts, she’ll head back to the Wall of Bras to find your best options to help you try those one.

Most of our clients try on at least fifteen bras during their time with us. Of those, several will fit well, and a few will fit perfectly. Our goal is for your to feel like you’ve found the right fit for your body and your life. In the rare event that we don’t have something that fits you, we’ll look for something from one of our incredible brand partners and we can order it for you.

If a garment doesn’t fit, it’s something wrong with the style, not with you., so don’t despair. We’ll work with you to find just the right fit your body and every body.

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