Underpinnings' 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s been a weird year, huh? Remember in your New Year’s Day hangover haze when you thought, “ah, yes, 2020 is going to be my year”? Us, too. And now here we are, with the holidays coming up again. Even if this year isn’t all you’d hoped, this can still be the year where you get it together and do all your holiday shopping before the rush. You might have heard that shopping early this year will really, really help small businesses, and it’s true! It’s all true. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, lighting the Hanukkah lights, awaiting Ded Moroz, or even erecting a Festivus pole, we’ve got just the thing for every single person on your list.


For your sister who loves to remind you that she was the Sugar Plum Fairy in 2005: A Swan Robe, $198

What on earth is more dramatic than a feathered bathrobe? Her. It’s sexy, but still covers you up enough to wear at a family gathering. And rest assured, the reference won’t be lost on her.

For the Newlyweds who keep “taking naps”: Uberlube, from $15

Look, they’re not fooling anyone. The least you can do is prevent chafing. This is the best lube there is. Trust us, we asked everyone, and they agreed.

For the person who organized a killer Zoom get-together: Gibson + Dehn Norway Spruce candle, $38


This just smells like a holiday, plus the glass it comes in is so beautiful, you’ll want to reuse it for highballs later. They’re hand poured in Missouri, and the scents are designed by a family of perfumers. Nervous about an open flame? We have it in diffuser form, too. This might be a one-for-you, one-for-me gift.

For your fun sister-in-law who always has the cutest outfits: Croco-embossed Commando Leggings, $118

These are absolutely the must-have item for fashion girls this season, and they’re head and shoulders above the other faux-leather leggings on the market. Even though they’re stylish, they don’t violate our societal pact to give up hard pants. Trust us: she’s going to love them.


For your cool teen niece who jumped right on that roller skating trend: Studio Collants tights, from $23

These size-inclusive tights come in shiny, sheer, and rhinestone-bedazzled forms, and they will look awesome on TikTok. If she’s still learning, no worries: they’re affordable, so it' won’t be the end of the world if she gets a run.

For your boyfriend who is still wearing the ratty frat sweatpants he wore in college: Saxx lounge pants, $65

This is a major upgrade without compromising comfort. We’ve got the standard blacks and grays, but we’ve also stocked up on some fun patterns, too. You know, if he’s zany. Either way, they come with built-in support and they feel like buttah.


For your best friend who is a thousand months pregnant: Bra:30 tank top, from $35

She’s in a…state of flux, shall we say. Who knows what size she’ll be this week? This compressive tank top gives some lift and shape without being too specific on that whole band size/cup size thing. She’ll love it so much, it’ll be in rotation after the baby comes.

For your always glam mother-in-law who still wants to be cozy by the fire: Wrap-Up by VP robe, from $190

Cuddly and boring aren’t synonyms. Get her bundled up in an ornate robe that still feels like a big ole hug. If she’s extra fancy, don’t fret: they come with crystal studs, too.

For the stocking that looks less than stuffed: Cosabella thong, $24

cosabella thong.jpg

Need one last thing? These one-size-fits-most stretchy thongs come in every single color humanly conceivable, and they’re invisible under each and every outfit.

For you, the most considerate gift giver of all time: PJ Harlow pajamas

Even if you’re staying close to home this year, thinking of everyone else is still tough. Treat yourself to the best pajamas on the planet. You’re the holiday champ! You deserve it.

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