Planning Your Boudoir Shoot

Planning Your Boudoir Shoot

Earlier this year, we talked with photography phenom Ben Marcum about the basics of boudoir art, and we learned so much about how to choose your photographer and what to expect when, as they say where we’re from, you go to get your picture made.

The most important thing is your personal style and comfort. Pick what you think is sexy, and remember: sexy isn’t an attribute, it’s an attitude. Maybe you love classic fabrics like lace and satin. Maybe you’re more comfortable covered up than topless. Maybe you want to do a themed shoot featuring a Green Bay Packers’ cheesehead hat. That’s for you to decide, no one else. If you aren’t comfortable and confident, your photos won’t be what you’re hoping for, whether you go to a seasoned professional or you’re going the DIY route.

But “be confident” isn’t actionable advice, and you came here for some practical counsel. Here are three easy tips you can take with you regardless of who you are and why you’re taking these pictures. 

Choosing your outfits for your boudoir shoot flies in the face of conventional portraiture advice. Popular wisdom suggests a black crew-neck T-shirt or turtleneck for nice contrast, but much as we love a turtleneck, it doesn’t exactly scream boudoir. That being said, choosing colors that create great contrast with your skin tone is an ideal starting point. Classic black never fails across the board, but if you have fair skin, you might do well to look for jewel tones like emerald or ochre, or bright hues like cobalt or red. If your skin is more deeply toned, pale pastels, shades of white, and bold neons can inject a little color into your photos. The safest bet is to get a few black items and a few colorful pieces in a color you feel amazing in. ,

As surely as the camera loves contrast, it also loves texture. Beading, feathers, lace, leather, vinyl: pick whatever speaks to you, but choose a variety of textures and finishes. A nice mix of textures brings some vibrancy to images because it creates light, tone depth, and shadow. For example, a glossy satin robe tossed over a heavily beaded chemise gives detail and richness to even a simple pose or backdrop. A leather jacket and lace thong gives your photographer so many details to pick up one: shiny zippers, intricate stitching, distressing on the leather. Regardless of the vibe you’ve got, mix it up.

The one thing that’s true for boudoir photography and regular portraiture alike is that the camera isn’t forgiving. Check your garments over for tears, missing buttons, or stains— every loose thread shows up in photos. Get your fit right: you want everything to lay perfectly. It’s better to wear a simpler piece that looks amazing on your body than the most beautiful sequined bra that gaps. Too tight, worn out, or oversized outfits will look too tight, worn out, or oversized in your pictures, too. If you’re not confident about getting your sizing right, make an appointment with us so we can help get you a lingerie wardrobe that feels just right.

After you complete your shoot, send us a couple snaps! We’re sure you look hot as fire, and we love to see our lingerie out in the world.

And now for a pep talk: Even if you’re nervous, gorgeous lingerie and a big smile will carry the day. Knock ‘em dead, Tiger. You’re beautiful.

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