Bourbon and Beyond Style Guide

Bourbon and Beyond Style Guide

Undoubtedly, the best part of music festival prep is outfit planning. Finding the most Insta-worthy outfit can be stressful, but those likes are always worth it. While we at Underpinnings can’t help with your outerwear, helping with your underwear is kind of our whole deal. With Bourbon and Beyond fast approaching, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of bra sets we think you’ll love based on who your favorite headliner is. 


Artist: Brandi Carlisle

Song: Broken Horses

Our Recommendation: Marie Jo Avero in Wine

Brandi Carlisle can do it all: she's genre-spanning, Grammy award-winning, and a queer icon to boot. If her discography doesn’t have you alternately sobbing and ready to fight the patriarchy, then you’re definitely missing out. Her award-winning song “Broken Horses” falls into the latter category. Edgy, but with an undoubted thread of femininity, it makes the perfect pairing for Marie Jo’s Avero in Wine. This deep red shade will make you feel like you can take on the world, while the off-set rhinestone on the strap adds a little sparkle. 


Artist: Billy Strings

Song: California Sober

Our Recommendation: Simone Perele Andora in Brun Canyon

For only discovering Billy Strings once the Bourbon and Beyond lineup was announced, he is quickly becoming an everyday favorite of ours. His bluegrass/Americana sound is one that hits deep for anyone that’s spent any amount of time in the Deep South. His newest release, California Sober featuring Willie Nelson is a perfect example of his affinity for upbeat tempo with hard hitting lyrics. This blend of classic with a twist is why we think the new Andora by Simone Perele is the perfect set for any Billy Strings fan. Timeless French elegance pairs with a functional balcony style, but the deep burnt orange color and lace applique keeps it feeling fresh. 


Artist: The Killers

Song: The Man

Our Recommendation: Curvy Kate Senses Plunge in Verdigris

It feels like sacrilege to mention The Killers and not choose Mr. Brightside as our reference point. However, their sleeper hit “The Man” deserves a bit more recognition! True to their alt-rock sound “The Man” is the perfect go-to song when you need to feel like the HBIC you know you are. It only makes sense then, to pair this with Curvy Kate’s new release the Senses Plunge. A sheer emerald green cup, gold-tone accents, and geometric seaming make this bra scream man-eating sex appeal. It's perfect for The Killers concert (or acing that job interview) but don’t say we didn’t warn you when you put this on and want to rule the world.


Artist: Duran Duran

Song: Girls on Film

Our Recommendation: Prima Donna Salinas in Empire Green

I don’t think I am the only one whose first exposure to Duran Duran was the Frankie Muniz, Amanda Bynes, and Paul Giammati movie Big Fat Liar You know, the scene where Paul Giammati’s character takes a shower and then gets dyed blue? That one. However, I was completely unaware of just how tight a grip this band had on teens in the '80s until my mother showed me photos of her childhood bedroom covered floor to ceiling in Duran Duran posters. True to the era, Duran Duran’s new wave synth sound brings to mind the bright, flashing colors that permeated that decade. It only makes sense then, that Prima Donna’s Salinas in Empire Green is the perfect match for any Duran Duran fan. The teal green cup, paired with neon embroidery perfectly encapsulated the retro vibe of this band. 


Artist: Hozier

Song: literally his entire discography

Our Recommendation: Simone Perele Wish in Vert Kolsai

Hozier being is far and away our favorite artist on this list. His newest album, Unreal Unearth, has been on repeat in the store since it came out. That being said, it was nearly impossible to choose just one set to represent such an amazing artist. However, the new Vert Kolsai shade of Simone Perele’s Wish feels like a good representation. The deep green bra with sage embroidery is perfect for wasting away in a field with your lover while listening to “Work Song”. This demi cup bra is a seamless blend of sexy, classy, and uniqueness.       

Artist: The Black Keys

Song: Howlin’ For You

Our Recommendation: Louisa Bracq Paco in Noir

As a teen who was on Tumblr in the mid 2010s, The Black Keys hold a special place in our hearts. Their album Brothers was the backing track to almost every headcanon fan-fic on that site. It’s only natural then that our song of choice is Howlin’ For You. It’s a wonderful representation of their iconic blues-rock sound. Slightly grungy, with a melodic edge, the Paco in Noir by Louisa Bracq is the perfect pairing. The chainmail motif and silver link hardware create a look that is simple, but eye catching. An easy blend of edgy and sexy, this set is sure to have you feeling like the main character in your preferred y/n story.


Artist: The Avett Brothers

Song: I and Love and You

Our Recommendation: Lise Charmel Grace Aquatique in Floral Aqua

The Avett Brothers are quintessential Americana folk. More than that, they seamlessly blend blues, indie rock, and country sounds to create something that is both timeless and unique. The melodic track “I and Love and You” is a perfect example of their sound. A mix of sadness and soul, but with an undeniable thread of hopefulness, this track reminds us of the stunning Grace Aquatique by Lise Charmel. Stunning teal blue cups topped with a mix of aqua, chartreuse, and royal blue lace create a totally unique look. Gold-accented hardware, and Lurex threading complete a bra that is both classic and groundbreaking. 


Artist: Bruno Mars

Song: Finesse

Our Recommendation: Louisa Bracq Serie in Noir

Bruno Mars is known for his versatility and that means that finding a single piece was a little difficult. However, like his ability to transition between genres, this bra from Lousia Bracq is a fan favorite because of its ability to function exactly how you like. Now, look. Does this choice seem a little basic? Yes. But, the versatility of this is truly where this bra shines. Lingerie as outerwear is on trend right now, and this is the perfect piece to join that trend with. For a bit more modesty, pair this bra with a low cut top and let the straps show. However if you really want to turn heads, a mesh top to show off the entire bra is definitely the way to go. You may actually find this author wearing something of the sort on Sunday night.      

Artist: Blondie

Song: Call Me

Our Recommendation: Louisa Bracq Graal in Smoke

With a career as long spanning and illustrious as Blondie, finding the perfect look was a bit of a challenge. However, once I remembered the Graal by Louisa Bracq, it was a no-brainer. The soft gray cups with silver metallic embroidery blend grunge with femininity, and it doesn’t get more Blondie than that. The Debbie Harry's unyielding devotion to being edgy and girly is to be admired. Like the Serie above, this is the perfect bra for anyone looking to branch out to wear underwear as outerwear. 

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