The Underpinnings Guide to Gemini Season

The Underpinnings Guide to Gemini Season

The heat of summer is out in full force, which can only mean one thing: it’s Gemini season. Okay, it also means that I’ll be stocking up on everyone’s favorite personal-lubricant-turned-chub-rub-protector Uberlube and pretending I love sweating through seven shirts a day, but I digress. Geminis are ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication, so Gemini season comes with an uptick in our desire to be social butterflies. If you find yourself wanting to really channel your inner twin sign and dive headfirst into Gemini’s charismatic energy, allow us to provide some new additions to your wardrobe to really get those Gemini vibes going.

Up first is a set inspired by our fave Gemini vegetarian, Elle Woods. Bubbly, bright, and most of all, pink, the Deauville is perfect for anyone, even if you aren’t Harvard-bound. This vivid pink set from Belgian brand Prima Donna is finished with a stunning silver lurex threading and can’t be beat when you add a matching panty. This perfectly summery set will definitely have you wanting to break out your best Bend and Snap.

a Black woman, with long hair sits in a chair with her right elbow resting on her right leg. She is in a bright pink bra and panty set and is smiling

Geminis pride themselves on being adaptable, easily able to float from friend group to friend group. Why not have a bodysuit just as versatile? The Curvy Kate Indulgence bodysuit is the perfect addition to any Gemini closet. Incredibly supportive and quietly sexy, this bodysuit looks phenomenal paired with your favorite jeans, skirt, or faux leather leggings. However, when those things are ahem stripped away, the cheeky bottom, halter neck, and keyhole center stand confidently as a stunning piece all on its own. A confidence that you’ll surely feel however you decide to wear it.  

there are two women in the photo. A tall Black woman stands in a jade green bodysuit with one hand on her hip and the other resting on the back of a chair. There is a second woman sitting in the chair with long red hair, wearing a bodysuit in ivory.

Gemini energy can have you bopping between happy hours, girls' nights, and dinner parties, which leaves little time to rest. But why stop the Gemini vibes just because you’re having a quiet night in? The Brigitte pajama set from Rya will have you feeling that buzzy Gemini energy even in your dreams. With a mod 70s pattern and feather trimmed pant cuffs, this set is as cute as it is comfy. Pair this with your fave basic tank (or the ribbed Kilo Brava bodysuit in Lemonade), some killer heels, and you’re out of bed and back in party mode in no time.

Gemini season is the surefire kick off to summer, and this classic French set in trendy mango is a surefire way to bring the sunshine into your closet. Coming from Parisian powerhouse Simone Perele, the Delice in a traditional demi cup shape is a great way to bring some delight into your closet. The buzzy orange color is accented wonderfully with yellow and pink embroidery. Pair this with a matching boyshort for a set that is an instant favorite.

a woman stands in a bright orange bra and high waisted bottom. Her brown hair is pulled up in a messy bun and she is looking towards the ground

Of course, we can’t end without a nod to perhaps the most iconic Gemini of all: Marilyn Monroe. The Diana Gown from Rya mimics the halter neckline from her famous Seven Year Itch dress. With an open back, keyhole center, and floral applique, this night gown pulls from vintage classics and modern trends. Perfect for a beach honeymoon, sweet boudoir, or just because you want to wear it. Pair it with the matching robe for an unbelievable combo.

a woman stands on a white background. Her head is facing left away from the camera as she holds a bunch of flowers. She is in an ankle length, ivory night gown. The night gown has a halter neck, with a keyhole center, and on the waist is a floral applique.

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