Our Mission & Values

Underpinnings' mission is to improve your daily life by helping you build your wardrobe from the bottom up.

We accomplish this by identifying high-quality, beautiful lingerie and bringing it to our customers. No matter the size of your bust nor your wallet, you deserve to find something that fits you perfectly and makes you feel your best. By keeping our focus on fit and service, you can shop with us and know you’re getting great advice from our team.

As a woman-owned company, we strive to promote meaningful diversity, create an environment of inclusivity and care, and provide education and growth for our team. We want to be the world’s best lingerie company, and we will achieve that through making our space supportive for everyone.

Our Values

A Great Experience

The experience you have with our fit consultants should always be comfortable, fun, and confidence-building.

Radical Inclusivity

Regardless of your age, size, sexual orientation, body type, race, or gender identity, we think you’re beautiful and want you to feel the same way.

Unrivaled Education

Our staff can help you find the right thing because they’re extensively  trained professionals who know lingerie inside and out.

No Pressure

Our highest priority is making sure you get the thing you want, not the thing you think we want you to want.

Respect for All

The Underpinnings environment is always positive, kind, and warm.

Forward Motion

We’re going to fall short of our goals and ideals sometimes, but we promise we’re going to keep trying and improving.


Styles come and go, but our commitment to excellence is always first.